FALCOMER SRL is the epitome of those realities born alongside mainly local fishing activities, and over the years has expanded its business, striving to meet the demands of its customers who are increasingly attentive to the actual value of a product. In this sense, it has not only consolidated but remains constantly committed to the improvement of its:

  • Consolidated supply network, with its wide range of products from across Europe, sourced from suppliers who are regularly and frequently qualified in compliance with the requirements for the type of goods;
  • Premises designed specifically for fish processing, appropriate handling and transformation areas, qualified staff and periodical controls to guarantee the quality of all goods destined for your table;
  • Long-standing experience, but above all a dynamic distribution network that accompanies the customers through their selection of the best product and the coordination of fast, capillary deliveries.



  • trade and processing of fish products, factory premises covering 2000 m2 (CEE No. 46)
  • fish supplies throughout Europe using in-house and external transport;
  • sold products sourced from national and international fishing.